Armor TT

AWR 8: new competitive wax ribbon

ARMOR is delighted to announce the launch of AWR 8, a new wax ribbon dedicated to Flat Head Thermal Transfer printers.


ARMOR innovation capability has now resulted in AWR 8, the most versatile wax ribbon of the AWR range. In more details, AWR 8 has a wide label material compatibilities printing on uncoated rough papers as well on coated papers and even on synthetic materials. It is also compatible with most of the pre-printed labels, whatever the printing technique. ARMOR has already collaborated with the big names of the label industry to check the ribbon compatibility on the market’s standard materials.

AWR 8 has been designed to print at the lowest heat setting as perceived by users to extend printheads life time. But the ribbon also has the ability to be printed at a wide range of heat settings. Thanks to this, it can easily replace competitor’s ribbons with no need to adapt the printer settings.

Wax ribbons are very often used to print rough material such as uncoated papers and tags. The strong covering power of AWR 8 enables to completely cover the label surface resulting in a dense, sharp black print with no white spots emerging from the print and giving a grey aspect.

Compared to standard wax, AWR 8 prints provide improved resistance to smudge, like a couple of additional frictions in between two boxes. In the range, AWX FH remains with the highest resistance.

Thanks to all these features, AWR 8 answers most of the end-user needs for standard labelling applications, like storage, transportation labels, etc. making it the first choice ribbon for new application requests at a competitive price.


Click here to discover the new AWR 8.